09 September 2022
Informative Destination System (IDS)

The Informative Destination System (IDS) is a versatile tool for planning and management of trips by yachts to REGLPORTS ports/marinas.

The Informative Destination System (IDS), is an ICT tool that allows the user (tourist) to acquire useful information about the ports/marinas they wish to sail to, including: Construction characteristics (e.g. carrying capacity, piers/ jetties and other artificial structures, depth, port dimensions, etc.), facilities (e.g. fuel supply, electric power supply, Wi-Fi/Internet, tourist information service, commercial stores, etc.), local meteorological parameters (e.g. temperature, barometric pressure, wind speed, wind direction) provided by weather forecast and alerts (provided by third parties e.g. National Meteorological Services etc.). Additionally, through IDS the user has access to an on-line berthing system, providing information about the available mooring positions, a berthing cost calculator tool and mooring position booking tool. 

For more information: Development%20of%20Informative%20IDS%20System.pdf